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Do posture belts help?

Do posture belts help?

  • By - Muhammad Tauseef
  • 31 January, 2020

Do you feel pain in your back? Do you feel any kind of stiffness in your back? Do you feel you have problems with your posture?

There could be number of reasons for a bad posture. It can come from an injury in the past, it could be totally genetic or could be because of some bad habit. If you have a kind of job where you sit all day long, especially in front of a screen, you are likely to experience those back problems if you are careful with your sitting posture.

A poor posture can negatively impact your emotional state, your lifestyle and as an effect, your ability to perform your everyday tasks. Misalignment in your spine can create further imbalances in the rest of your body and could be dangerous if not remedied in time. The good news is that the posture can be corrected with little effort and cost.

There is a wide range of posture correctors, posture belts, back braces and other wearables to help you align your back muscles and in turn improve your body posture. All those posture wearables are affordable, easy to put on/off and can be used without keeping you rom performing your everyday tasks. What kind of posture corrector or posture belt you use? Well it is a personal preference. The size, body type, age and the nature of defect in the posture can help you identify what kind of equipment suits your need.

Posture belts work by keeping you rom letting your shoulders fall forward. There are posture belts available for you which you can wear at work, at gym, running, walking and even sleeping. If you have a job with long sitting hours, you unconsciously tend to drop your shoulders occasionally. Do that often and over a long period of time and you will start having posture issues. Once you start having those problems it will become increasingly difficult for you to sit with your shoulders straight. In simpler words – the more you delay the uglier it gets.

When you put on a posture brace, it pulls your shoulders back and keep you from letting your shoulders fall. Using the posture belt for 30 minutes to 60 minutes a day can help you align your shoulders back. Once you start doing that it will become part of your sitting posture unconsciously and you will hence unknowingly be helping yourself even when you are not wearing it.

Your body muscles tend to have this muscle memory. You keep adopting a posture for long and your muscle will develop themselves to follow that posture. The more your muscles stay in that posture the more they accept it as a natural posture and once your body adopts a bad posture as a natural one, it hurts you and becomes increasingly difficult for you to correct t without the use of posture belt of a back brace.

So, does a posture belt or brace work? Yes, they do. You must try one to know for yourself. Once you have one wrapped around your shoulders, you will feel the difference within minutes.

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