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How posture belts and posture braces work?

How posture belts and posture braces work?

  • By - Muhammad Tauseef
  • 31 January, 2020

Use of the posture braces is a common remedy to the posture problems these days. A lot of people these days are seen wearing those posture braces, belts and shirts that help them maintain the healthy posture. Do the posture correctors help you better your back posture? To answer this question, we need to dive into the root cause of posture misalignment.

What is a bad posture? Any position that keeps your from keeping your back straight up with your shoulders pulled back is a good posture. A bad posture is the one where your shoulders are rolled forward and your back is rounded.

When you keep sitting with a rounded back for long, your shoulders are automatically rolled forward. This pushes chest your muscles into each other and tend to create this tension in your chest muscles. The longer you do that, the more tension the muscles develop. In doing so, since your shoulders are rolled forward, the shoulder muscles are also elongated and hence they develop some tension as well.

The more you keep ignoring such anomalies in your posture, the worse it gets with time. If your muscle tissues have developed this muscle tension of magnitude 1, it will keep you in that posture and further push your shoulders forward and your back rounded. So, the anomaly pushes itself towards magnitude 2. The idea should be addressing these issues as early as your can before your problems spread across your body.

These problems are not local to some portion of your body. They develop in some part and if not addressed – it spreads to the adjoining parts and muscles. Your lower back for example – if pushed back will continue to push your upper body forwards. The longer it is let unattended, the worse it gets with time. This again pushes you in the position where you are now developing tension in your muscles. This muscle tension in the upper body is then again not local to that portion but will continue to hurt your cervical spine.

Why the posture equipment being used so much? The easy answer is ease of use. You can practically wear those belts and braces anywhere and anytime. They are easy to put on and take off. There are lean and fitting versions of those belts which can easily be worn under clothes. So, you can effectively have that equipment help you with you posture throughout the day.

What are different kinds of posture belts and equipment available? Well, there are a range of products available from different vendors. There are full size posture shirts which support the complete back and neck. If you feel your problem is local to your upper back, there are belts and braces for that portion only. If you think you are not comfortable wearing them, there are electronic devices as well that stick to your back and force you to sit in correct posture by buzzing if you drop your shoulders or if your back is rounded.


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